The Photo Album

NEW!! Look familiar? For those wondering, this is in fact the exact same outfit from the mascot on my main page. Just got those boots in and you can bet they're going to be showed off in the clubs.
Tyler's impromptu Solid Snake costume. Excellent makeup by the Marissa.
Because phallic sword jokes never get old.
Nan-kitty meow meow.
I said that this costume shouldn't count. He said it was "8th Grade Mark". I argued, he whined. He got a picture. Be happy.
Mmmmm, spermy the cupcake.
She looks innocent but don't believe it. Those handcuffs were broken by the end of the party.
See, everyone was picking on my for my revealing outfit but as I said "If I'm Bootylicious, Jenny is Boobylicious. So there."
Me in my bellydancing costume. You can't see it (because no one took a picture Haha!) but my butt was totally hanging out in this costume. Like seriously hotpants to the max. Ooops.
Rum cake among other things.
Steven the pirate.
The power of the spork is beholden.
Laura again, this time with cleavage.
Sushi wrappers-hah, nerd joke.
The table again, with more lighting.
When they do parties, they do them right-with fervor.
Chia pets don't survive well in 801.
A Jenny pirate and the back of a Dorothy pirate.
Marissa the dashing pirate.
Oh yeah, loving the leg action.
Kurt's spifty new tattoo.
Kurt and Ben being good brothers.
Kurt and Mark chilling on the couch.
Decorative, pirate flag.
Ben taking a picture of me in my pirate getup.
More decorations, the island setting.
Eric wearing my pirate hat and looking befuddled.
Taking pictures of the decorations for Jess and Jenn's Mom. This is the banner they had.
Bitey cuteness.
Dixon looking mad because I caught him belly-up.
Dixon has a habit of sleeping on his side or back. This time I was actually able to catch him at it.
Eric making a kissy face. He does this too, but only at me. It's quite nice.
Eric staring. He does this.
Mmmm smexy.
Eric always gives the best kisses.
More kisses. Now I get to be lonely and affection-starved for a year.
Kisses before Eric left for Germany. They were enough though, I can tell you that.
Sweet smile, but almost not sincere. It's still my Eric though and thus gorgeamous.
And me, with my stupid crooked smile. Bleh.
Mike being eaten by his hair.
Awwww, Jenny. If only you didn't have such a natural fear of cameras the flower in the foreground would've made such a perfect portrait.
The May brothers duking it out Nerd-Style.
The Jazzy-Mew Mew, with effervescent blue eyes.
Party like a Viking, and it were true.
Stella chillin in the hammock.
The Dorothy/Stephen almagamation. This was pretty much the entire trip with them.
Mark looking unsure whilst Miss Debbie ensures that we haven't completely raided the fridge.
Someone just told Jason that his puppy was eaten by right-wing cannibals. Very sad.
Sleeeeeeepy, Stephen-sans Dorothy.
Kurt downing some Jaeger. Blech, I mean, Mmm Jaeger. (But seriously-ugh.)
The side view so you can see the lacing on the one side. I'm a little sad that it's only on one side because it doesn't cinch me like I wanted, but also glad because it was a total bitch lacing that through all those tiny little loops. Good lord I have massive shoulders. You can also see my stretch marks in this one. Bleh.
Finally, I now own a decent corset. You better believe I'm wearing this sucker clubbing sometime. I like that you can kind of see my bellyring poking out the bottom there. And the fact that I've lost my belly. Rawr.
Yeah that's Eric in the back there. The day went from obnoxious sun in the eyes to miserable rainy. Ahhh, Tennessee weather. Copyright Steve Fraker.
Oh yeah, great timing-dork. Copyright Steve Fraker.
Again, not bad people. I swear. Copyright Chris Lamm.
Yeah, let me tell you. I was thrilled to wear that skirt. Copyright Chris Lamm.
For some reason I look particularly confused in this one...and kind of fat. Copyright Chris Lamm.
Pictures from when me and Eric were at Relay for Life fairly recently. For whatever reason, all of these pictures make us look like terrible, awful people but I promise that's not true. We just can't take a candid to save our lives. Copyright Chris Lamm.
All the pictures in this group are of the local band Keary and were taken at the Time Warp Tea Toom on Saturday February 18th, 2006. Yes this is Eric's new band. For more information on them, check: . And before you ask, no I will not get a myspace account. Been there, did that, no need for a t-shirt. Enjoy.
The beautiful ring that Eric bought for me for our 2 year anniversary, part of a set. It's my birthstone. I'm so glad that he remembered it. Kodak z740.

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