The Photo Album

Picture I took around Halloween for the About the Artist page. Very casual and non-posed. I rather like it that way.
Awwwww, good little Dixon lovin on his mommy. Z750 as usual.
I still say this reminds me of a Calvin Klein commercial. "Passion, Jealousy, Obsession. Calvin Klein" Or at the very least Dixon is looking very dejected in the background there. *sniffs* "Mommy's not paying attention to ME." Hehehe.
Two words: "Mmmmmm, toe."
Dixon with a very weird look on his face and Mason staring everything down at the bottom.
Dixon totally cheesin it for the camera. "I'm the CUTE one."
Mason doing his survey of everything. He'll dance around on his tippytoes like that for a few minutes until he's satisfied that the world is in fact not trying to eat him.
The babies fighting for mommy's chewing her.
Dixon being a pirate protector of his little brother. Seriously, look at that squinty eye. He's channeling some mad pirate action right there. And he does watch over Mason as he sleeps alot. Such good brothers. Same stuff.
Dixon giving his mommy lovins. He gave me kisses afterward. He's gotten so much more social, it's great. Same stuff.
The sweetest picture of the babies to date..well minus Mason looking all grumpy because I woke him up to take the picture. I loves my baby chins, they're too cute. Same stuff.
And this is Eric at the end of the night after having on too many beers. Literally just one. You know better now don't you though, hon? Ahh, it's fine though. In his defense he wasn't nearly as drunk as I was the last time I did that. Yeee, not even close. Same jank to make it.
And Wedley dons the rocker wig...ehhhh, not so much your look poor Wedley. God I love my camera though. He was way in the back there and now that I have a 5 megapixel, I was able to actually zoom in on him and not lose enough quality to make it look bad. Looovely camera.
More general shots of the shindig. Yup, drinking and watching television. My kind of entertainment...course I couldn't drink that night. I was driving, but watching other people drink was pretty amusing. Same specs.
Ah yes, the mousey pirate action. It was good yes, even though I really needed a true corset to wear that costume. No matter. that damn thing was restricting enough as it was. I don't think I have the mettle to wear a true corset...or the tiny waist. Made with the same stuff.
Everybody just chillin. That's JR in the background with the pirate costume. I was officially named his first mate, even though I had the "gay" hat. Same specs as the pictures before it.
It's the Wedley looking perplexed at being photographed. Yadda yadda you what goes here.
Eric dressed as Tommy Lee for Halloween. The guy(Tommy) is a total jerk but that wig looks awesome...and the armbands and pants I'm making sure he keeps. *purrr* Taken with the Z750 and cleaned up in Photoshop.
It's the Crystal come home after a day of having to deal with the raging moron and other work annoyances. Yarr for cool hoodies. Taken with the Z750 and cleaned up with Photoshop.
A friend of me and Eric's and his girlfriend at the Halloween dealy. I really have no idea what those costumes are supposed to be other than an old-style gangster and his moll. Meh. Taken with the Z750 and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.
Again, old photo for the About the Artist page. Showing off my then new hair and some really cool dodge effects on the background. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.
Old Photo for the About the Artist page. Basically playing with color and paintover effects. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 and GIMP 2.0.
Another old "About the Artist" pic. Me lovin on my lightbox because it is beautiful. Photoshop Essentials 2.
Yup, I'm a kitchy little fadmonkey. I now have a bellyring. It's cute though so it was worth the cash and two seconds of pain.
See, here you can see just how much I love my Minnie. Oh yes, her name is Minnie Mouse. Dad's going to get my old stuffed Minnie from the attic and her bow is going on the mirror and she may very well go in the back window. Oh yes.
And here not only can you see how petite and adorable Minnie is, but just how ample my hips and ass are. I am a white woman with baby-making hips. I just scream fertility goddess here...minus the boobs.
I thought it was about time for another memorial for Calico. I think I was about 12 years old at this time. She would've been about 4-5 years then. Original photograph copyright to William C. Day, photomanipulation by me.
Hahaha, see this is why you never get completely wasted around your friends, especially if they carry a camera like I do. He actually feel asleep with a glass of water in his hands but with a little quick switcheroo, it became a beer. That's what you get for having too many cheap margaritas, Trav. Oh and the quote is something he drunkenly yelled on his 21rst birthday(last year) after he got trashed with us at the Beer Cellar. Ahh, good times.
I keep telling the man that's he's damned cute but nooo, he never believes me. One of these days he will realize just how attractive he is, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life telling him.
Random tongue display...damn, my acne is nasty in this picture. *sigh* Anyway, just some more couple photos as a sort of update on things.
More random couple pictures. That's one of the sweetest looks Eric has ever given me, and I got proof of it. Hahahah.
More 'couple' photos because Eric and I thought it was about time to do so. (Been months since last time and it is our 1 year and 5 month anniversary as I'm typing this.) Eric sitting at his computer recording riffs for music junks. He's been playing alot again lately, yay. ^ ^ It's funny because I got him doing his 'guitar mouth' in ths picture. He's makes this sort of face everytime he plays because he's concentrating so hard. (Hell, I have a concentration face too but mines never been caught on camera so Hah!) Hehe, yup.
Awwww. Dixon all sleepy-like in the dust bath with Mason shuffling around behind him. Hah, look at those big floppy ears being pushed forward.
Mason finally found him some food pellets to crunch on. I love how they use their hands to grip their food like that.
Mason chewing on some of the new bedding we put into the cage. Man, did that stink pulling the old bedding out. Yow.
Mason finally gets to sit on the platform, looking as intense and excitable as he usually does.
This one made me sit back a little bit because I wasn't expecting Dixon to just try to get out of the bath like that. (Like the ears on it? I love it when we saw it in the store.) I was afraid that he might get out because I actually opened one of the doors to the cage to get these shots without the bars in the way. He didn't. He just sank back into the bath after Mason had moved behind him.
They both saw me following them with the camera so they decided to just watch me for a little bit. I'm glad I was able to get a shot of the two of them together. For those who aren't sure yet, that's Dixon on the top: you can tell because he's fatter, has his full ears and a bit of an elephant face. Mason is on the bottom: you can see his ears are torn up, his fur is scruffier and he always looks very intense.
Dixon is a rather nervous little chinchilla so whenever he gets startled he runs to his tube for comfort. I was trying to soothe him by talking to him and he popped out one side to look at me, thus perfect picture. They're getting so much more sociable now.
This is Dixon plopped on the little wooden platform we got for them a little while back. They love it to death. They fight over it and push each other off just to sit on it.
Finally! Pictures of the Chinchillas for you guys to look at. Sadly, alot of them were still fairly blurry, but they're much better this time than the last batch. You may not be able to see it exactly, but they're both in that dust bath right there. See, that's Dixon's face poking out and those are Mason's feet there at the bottom. Geez, they are hilarious when they both pile in there like that.
This particular version of this image was put up over at my livejournal, but the original version (sans text) was created for a picture frame that I recieved as a gift for graduating from UT. I got that phrase from the frame itself and I went with the coral lettering because the frame has a very pastel enamel colorscheme to it. I like the saying though, with its idea of assuming many roles as a growing woman. (metaphor being the hats.) I really like it. Photoedited in GIMP and Photoshop LE.
The friends only banner for my livejournal with Chloe as the model. I imagine this is sort of 'fish vision'. Ahh, I had way too much fun editing these. Manipulated in Photoshop LE and GIMP.
Background for my livejournal. It's dorky, yes, but that's part of why it's just so hilarious. Manipulated in Photoshop LE and GIMP. EDIT: Sadly, not that long after this Chloe contracted "The Ick",a fish disease that strikes quickly and for those unfamiliar with it (i.e. me) becomes deadly quickly. I had noticed the day before she died that she suddenly had white spots, but didn't know it was a sign of the disease. I wish that her afterlife be better than the short life she had here.
Another shot of the little primmadonna, Chloe. Edited in Photoshop LE for clarity.
This was my new Koi fish, Chloe. (That's a Wet Moon reference for thos who follow Ross Campbell and/or have read the graphic novel.) She's a pretty fishy, and she knows it. Alot. Also a bit schizoid as she tended to go from quick spans of just floating to racing all over her tank. Edited with Photoshop LE for clarity.
Aunt Cathy, Nana, and Mom sitting in the stadium.
Family shot. I've named all these people before, I ain't doing it again.
Dad had us all sit on the stage for a photo. David, Me, Eric, Vicki.
Heh, it's funny. Me and David hung out at our Pellessippi graduation too.
So yeah, I look like a goober here. Nothing new.
I don't really know what's going on here, but I have a feeling I'm being a snot to mom. Serves me right that that stupid look got caught by the camera.
This one is a bit fuzzy, but I just couldn't resist that crazy look on my face there. I always knew I was a little insane, I just didn't know it was that obvious.
Another one of the old photos from the "About the Artist Page". Done using GIMP.
Went back to the brown so that my hair could grow out without having crazy noticeable roots.
I took it back to my room and set it on my bed. How appropriate it looked to be in my domicile. I wondered a bit at the full contents it held then teared into the box with an old exacto-knife with the glee of a rabid child on christmas. Not just an excited child, a rabid one...with convulsions.
opened it up and inside I could just barely see my lovely lightbox just waiting for me to take it into my arms, but first I had many barriers to cross. There were many plastic bags filled with air to cushion its joruney and even the box/carrying case for the lightbox was covered in bubble wrap. Oh they were thorough. Oh yes.
Inside there were brochures for art magazine and art books which I promptly threw away because as we all know I don't read magazines out of principle and only pick up books when the need arrises. There was the order form ofcourse, and some customer satisfaction card. But most importantly was my lightbox. Or rather it was the box surrounding my lightbox, with a little handle on the top for easy carrying.
There is is. My lightbox in all its wonderous plastic glory. That blue stuff there is actually a protective coating that you take off before use and it came with the instruction manual of use and replacing the flourescent lightbulb inside. I am a very, very happy mousey.
Finally got crazy with that pomade that I bought a long time ago before me and some friends went to the Carousel II. (club) I wanted to get photos there but club policy said no so, ah well. Maybe next time I'll get pics before we go that way I can have atleast some photos of my friends.
This is all the stuff that I got for my Easter present from Eric. Also put up on my blog for him (and my friends) to see it.
This is just a little note that I did with some of the stuff I got for my easter present from Eric. He was away for Spring Break when I did this and I stuck it up on my blog for him to see.
This used to be the image that was up in the "About the Artist" section, the very first one, in fact. Ah, got bored with it like I typically do with images like this and replaced it with something that played more with perspective and mild manipulation junks. Edited using Photoshop LE and GIMP.
Haha, the redhead in the ballcap standing there in the back is my cousin. I had to get atleast one shot where he was in it. (You can also see him in the Christmas 04 photos.) Digicam, as usual.
Yes, they have two singers. It makes for a very interesting dynamic during the shows. Digicam like all the others.
Random headbang picture. Whee. Digicam just like the rest of them.
These are the most recent, and consequently the last, pictures that I took of Maas-Neotek in concert. As you can see, Eric is there in the front playing guitar with the current lineup of Maas playing. This turned out the be the final show for Maas-Neatek. Not long after, the band broke up. Digicam.
This is how I styled my hair for the Maas-Neotek show on 1-8-05. I had recently trimmed my hair too short on the sides so I opted for the slicked-down spy woman look (as suggested by Eric). It looked okay, but I've yet to do it again. Digicam.
First photo of the new year. This is one of those that makes me happy. Photoediting done in photoshop LE.

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