The Photo Album

2004 Here you can see the pictures I chose to put inside my locket. I just took pictures I had of us on the compy, printed them out and superglued them inside. (To make sure they won't fall out.) Digicam.
This is the locket I got from Aunt Cathy for christmas. I put pictures of me and Eric inside. (The next picture.) Digicam.
This is what happens when you've been passed around all day, the adults take advantage of you and take pictures of it.
Thus the chaos begins with the ripping of paper and placing of bows on children's heads.
This is my Nana (grandmother).
You remember the baby I held? Yeah, she got fat. Her momma plumped her up real good, and she "loves her little fat baby." Heh.
Eric finally showed up after work to get his gifts from the family. He was pretty surprised to get anything but we have plenty for him.
Dad usually gets atleast one sweater every year.
Most of the day was playing "Pass the Baby" with Riley. It's what happens evertime too. I'm sure my family isn't alone in this.
This would be Christmas '04 over at Nana's house. Right there are Dorian (who my Aunt Cindy married recently.), my cousin Charlie (Cindy's son) and my cousin Ashley's boyfriend.
This proves that I've actually held a baby. In fact, this was the first time that I really even held a baby. (I was younger and they sat my baby cousin on my lap but she could already sit up and she just stared at me the entire time. I being a kid was very weirded out by this.) This is my newest (2nd) cousin, Riley. She kind of bug-eyed at me for awhile but that's because I was so nervous holding her and my heartbeat was up. Once I calmed down, she went to sleep. Weird how kids can pick up on that.
Ahh, how he picks on me.
Hehehe, made like I was going to kiss his cheek but gave him a nice sloppy lick instead. Sneaky, sneaky. Digicam.
This is what happens when you get bored and start dancing around in front of the camera.
Haha, messing around with the camera again. That's actually my shirt that he's wearing, by the way. See how tighter shirts look good on him?
I apologize if this offends you, but I don't apologize for what I honestly believe, and I honestly believe that George W. is bad for this country.
Some friends of ours that came to the show.
One of the most memorable fans of Maas-Neotek.
After awhile my camera's shutter started stalling which meant longer exposure for the pics. Hence I got some pretty cool 'ghost' shots.
Heheheh, BRAAAIINNNS. To this day I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but I think he may be in the middle of a sneeze. Either way, hilarity ensues.
This is one of my favorite shots for obvious reasons.
This one's good because you can actually see Andrew in the back there doing his drum thing.
Series of photos I took back in 2004 of Maas-Neotek (Eric's band) when they played at the Roller Skate Rink. Yes, that's one of his favorite shirts.
Another one of the photos at the skate rink where I liked the perspective. Digicam.
I enjoyed the repetition and the perspective on this shot. Not to mention the single skate in the foreground. Digicam.
More pictures from before the show. I actually had to do some color editing on this one in photoshop LE because the original was purple, but it photographed blue. Strange. Digicam.
One of the pictures I took at the skating rink just before Maas-Neotek started their set. Yes, the location was at a skating rink. Digicam and photoediting in photoshop le.
This was how I dressed up for the second Maas-Neotek concert that I went to. Digicam.
Another one of Eric and Calico. These just make me happy. Digicam.
Eric has a tendency to take naps whenever we spend time together because he works all the time and that added to school and not getting much sleep, well you can see. Since Calico was already on the bed when we got there, Eric just positioned around her and she scooted around to lay on his legs. She even pawed his knees a little as he slept. It was just adorable. I'm glad that I finally found someone she approved of before she died. Digicam.
More scribbles on the table. Digicam.
These were some of the drawings I did while we were waiting on our food over at Garfield's. They have it so that each table is covered in newsprint and they give you crayons to play with. I enjoyed myself. Digicam.
One of the cooler shots I got while we were driving home. Digicam.
We got a couple of these when we were driving home and I have to say, they're pretty good. Turns out you can get them at Comp USA too. Digicam.
On the way back home. Digicam.
Eric noticed that I was taking random pictures so he decided to do a little something for the camera. Digicam.
I took several pictures like this on the way back home because I had tons of space leftover on my camera. Digicam.
We ended up ordering chinese to the hotel because we just didn't want to go out to eat and when it came, we both got so excited that they were actually in the little carry out boxes that I took pictures. Digicam.
This was the view from our hotel room. Those trains were incredibly noisy. Digicam.
When we came back from the beach, we noticed that housekeeping had stopped in and cleaned up, very thoroughly. I walked into the bathroom, and found that they had cleaned the hair out of my brush. Then Eric called me over to see that they had picked up my bra off the floor, folded it and placed it on the nightstand. Wow. Digicam.
Driving back from Folly Beach. Digicam.
Again, the Folly Beach area. Digicam.
As we were leaving, Eric thought he'd get a shot of the stick under the stairs. I liked how it turned out. Digicam.
Regardless of the fact that I was in direct sunlight for a couple of hours, I refuse to tan! I am impervious to the affects of sunlight! See me glow! Haha! Also, check the belly pudge. I actually got that bikini bottom from Hot Topic because it reminded me of Eric. ^ ^ (I bought the top a year before). Digicam.
We took these just before we left the beach. You see that crazy dark farmer's tan on his left arm? That's just from driving all day to get to South Carolina. Yeah. Digicam.
This was when we were actually at Folly Beach. The sand was really that grey and although we didn't get to stay very long, I enjoyed being in the ocean for awhile. Digicam.
The towers on the bridge are interesting aren't they? They were the only example of that kind of architecture in the are that I could see too. Digicam.
More pictures of the Folly Beach area. Digicam.
I took a few pictures as we were driving around Folly Beach because the scenery was very interesting. (Tropical yet very southern rural.) I gave him that air freshener hanging from the mirror for his birthday. Digicam.
"Joani loves Chachi!"--We went and watched Dodgeball at the theater there at the mall beforehand because we were wating for Lucas to actually get to work. Eric once again tried to make a face at the camera but then I said the above quote and he cracked up too hard to keep it. Caught you smiling. Digicam.
This is when we were waiting on our food and I was trying to take pictures so naturally, Eric has to make a face. Digicam.
This is Eric and his cousin Lucas. As we were coming back from South Carolina, we passed through North Carolina and stopped off for a bit to visit with him at the Garfield's Restaurant. Digicam.
Another awesome shot by Eric. He actually went into that nasty tunnel just to get this picture. Very cool. Digicam.
Eric actually got this photo by laying on his back and pointing up at this sort of out-door stage that they have at the park. Pretty cool perspective on it too. Digicam.
Now this was a fun one. The initial image caught the reflection of the tree fairly well, but I really wanted to bring it out so I manipulated it a little in photoshop to really make it stand out on the water. I like the end affect. Digicam and photoshop Le.
More from the park, this time Eric on the swing. Digicam.
More from the park series of pictures. This time I caught Eric while I was standing on the bridge over the creek there. Digicam.
One of the cooler shots that I got that day me and Eric went to the city park (or the nicer one anyway). I had another great shot of this but I accidentally erased it from my camera. Gah. Digicam.
This is what Calico used to do back when my compy used to be dad's compy and I'd use it for internet out in the living room. She'd always get up on that table on just go to sleep. Every once in awhile she'd grab my hand while I was moving the mouse or crawl over the keyboard into my lap. Because you know, when you're typing, there's nothing you need more than a fat-ass cat in your lap. Yeah, I know, I miss her. Alot. Digicam.
That was what usually happened if I sat down in one place for too long: Kitty in the lap, or in this case, Kitty on the belly. You've got to love the look on her face there. Digicam.
Geek lovins! Heh. Digicam.
Awwww, isn't he sweet? I know, cutesy stuff makes me gag too. Digicam.
More of the same series. This one is neat just because of Eric's eyes. Digicam.
Hehehe, the looks on our faces in this one is just awesome. That is pure geek pimpin' right there. Digicam.
Haha, again me messing around with the camera, this time I grab an unsuspecting lovey with it. So pretty. Digicam.
Hahaha, Eric dressed up in my old Harry Potter cosplay robe to become: Sith Somethingoranother! (Sorry, boo, I forgot his name.) Check out the cool-ass lightsaber he has hanging there. One of our friends actually took piping and a whole bunch of other junk, cut and welded it together to make that for his birthday. How awesome is that? Hah, and Eric ended up dressing as his Sith character for Halloween and I was his alien slave woman. I plan on having that pic up eventually, if I can ever get it from his mom. Anyway, digicam.
Yup, blatant ass-shot on my part. But hey, it's the only picture I've ever taken that makes it look good, so why not? Besides, atleast I don't do these anymore. (I realized that I wanted to expand as an artist away from just photos of me intended for my "lj crowd". Because in the end, it isn't very artistic to keep repeating yourself in such an arrogant and falsely ego-inflating way now is it? Okay, okay end rant.) Oh yeah, and Eric was the one who actually bought me those pants. Good taste, hasn't he? Anyway, yeah, digicam.
This is from the series of photos I took of how I dressed up for the first Maas-Neotek Show that I took pictures for. Like I said, alot of self-portraits this year. *shrug* Digicam.
Eh, just me fiddling with the camera and showing off my (then) new pants. I have to say, I like how the perpsective turned out on this, which is the main reason why I'm keeping it up. I went through a phase during this year where I ended up taking alot of self-portraits, most of which weren't that good. As such, I just took them down. No use for pointless self-portraits, you know? Digicam.
The other pic where Eric is posing with my bunny. This one is really cute but you can't really see his pretty face. Digicam.
Hah, I'm not sure how I did it, but I got Eric to pose with one of my stuffed animals for the camera. Damn, he's adorable in these shots. Digicam.
A little picture collage I did just for the fun of it. See, kids? Now you know exactly how big my ass really was, and if you can believe it, it was much bigger in highschool. I was a fat kid, big whoop. Digicam on all accounts, though some are copyright to my dad, William C. Day, and a friend of mine, not myself. However, the overall image is mine.
Ah yes, I was quite pleased that this photo even came out at all. See, I wasn't sure that Calico was going to cooperate for the camera but she came out for me. Calico giving me kitty kisses/sniffs. She really was the best friend I've ever had. Digicam.

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