The Artwork.

A gift I did for someone who's a terribly generous and kind individual. I experimented a little with vectoring in this one, though not much. I'm hoping to get all the kinks worked out because it'll make picture production go a ridiculously large amount faster. Send me good vibes, kids. Done with Inkscape, GIMP and Photoshop Elements 2.
The old image map for the site. It's still okay, but the shading style and mousey's overall bodytype are just way off now. Plus that huge "CLOSED" is just not attractive. Kept here for posterity's sake, I suppose. GIMP and Photoshop...I forget which.
2 years, now that's a hell of a track record. Comic versions of me and Eric doing exactly what we do when just spending time together. Spooning and watching tv in the dark. The only thing missing is the cage with the chins whining for mommy's attention. Done using Photoshop Elements 2.0 and GIMP.
Sprung for an awesome new camera yesterday and I have to say I'm absolutely tickled with it. It's shaped like an old SLR so I like the handle on it, it's got 5 megapixels and everything on it is supereasy to use and figure out. I love Kodak sometimes, even if their Easy Share system is totally annoying. Taken with my Z740 and edited in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.
Old as crap character that I came up with some time back in 2002 or so. Really just playing around with my new watercolor pencils, trying to figure the suckers out. Did very small redesign on old Marietta and may actually go and re-write her story at some point. Currently working on another project right now though. Eh, the wind affect looks nice anyway. Done with Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils and some editing in Photoshop Elements 2.0.
The title of this one is: "She Screams so I don't Have to." Just a general stress relief piece this time. Nothing in specific just lots of unneccessary stress, from everywhere all the time. Fun, fun. I actually did have fun making this though because it's completely freehand ink (therefore this is the third version) and I whacked a paintbrush with red ink to get the blotches right. Those blotches are because my face/neck/chest get all blotchy when I get angry or upset, not blood-this time. Colored ink on regular weight paper.
The old frame for the Photo Album. Photoshop LE.
This was the frame used for the main port of the website. Photoshop LE.
The old frame for the blog back when this site used frames. GIMP and Photoshop LE.
The old frame set for the links page. GIMP and Photoshop LE.
This was the old frame set for the Artwork page, back when this site used frames. I later decided that frames were more trouble than they were worth (and I got tired of the checker theme) so I went and revamped the site...right in the middle of this revamp. Funny how that works. Photshop LE.
This piece is dealing with the same subject matter as my old "Defiant" piece from about a year ago. The tirle of this one is "NO Justice" and hopefully it's pretty obvious why. These are exact lines of dialogue from that awful time and the memories that haunt me with those words are herein represented. I used harsh red values(both ink and guoache) to make the emotion behind it more evident, hopefully it worked. Assembled in Photoshop LE.
A little present that I did for my lovey, Eric, to show him how much I appreciate him. The title of this piece is "Floating" as in "when I'm with you I feel like I'm floating". And no, those aren't angel's wings. Everyone knows that humans and angels are completely different beings and that humans can never become angels. (Ofcourse, angels can't ever die either but that's another story.) Basically those are supposed to be symbols of the 'wings of love' and whatnot. Tons of white guaoche and thinned-out red ink on heavy grade paper. Edited in Photoshop LE.
Little mini-comic I did one day for the blog after having a particularly infuriating class session. Grawr.
Yet another personal piece,this time dealing with my pervading insecurities about my large shoulders and back, and my overall masculinity in general. As you can see, I opted for the same sort of theme from the "words" piece with a different spin on it. I used a photo reference for this one along with colored inks and a straw to get that veiny affect I have there. (Idea stolen from Ross Campbell because he is genius. Not a genius, just genius.) Image taken with digicam because I'm too lazy to scan in piece by piece and reassemble it digitally, edited slightly in Photoshop LE.
Haha, finally finished Dorothy's birthday pic. See, this would be the friend that I'm doing my bellydancing excercises with. Bit of an in-joke here. Done in GIMP and Photoshop LE.
This was originally going to be just one piece with four different images. Unfortunately the layout wasn't conducive to this so I split them into two images instead. It works much better this way, I think. This one is my favorite of the two 'blank-verse' photos. Done in Photoshop LE.
More character sketchy goodness, this time with Felina. As you can see, her design has changed quite a bit since the comic where she was introduced (but not named yet). I do plan on doing a comic dealing with her sudden weight fluctuation, don't worry. It will be acknowledged. Arranged in Photoshop LE.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to do a full valentine's pic for Eric this year what with the site revamp and all these other pics I have to get done so it ended up being a Love Doodle. Even so, I think it turned out okay. Colored in GIMP.
Yet another jellybag birthday pic, this time for Felix. That there is the famous ferret Karma as owned by some other friends of mine. Colored in Photoshop LE.
Another birthday jellybag sketchy done, this time for Ben. As you can see, I did my best to deliver a good little pretty boy for him to play with. Heh. Colored in Photoshop LE.
Apparently most of my friends have late winter birthdays so I ended up doing about four different birthday-jellybag pics all around this time period. That would be "The Dude" being hugged by a jellybag version of Bunny. (They had mentioned to me how they liked her character so I figured Bunny would probably like them back.) Colored in Photoshop LE.
This is the character sketches for Eric Irokesenschnitt so that I can keep his character straight for the comics. Pencil and arranging in photoshop LE.
These are just the character sketches I did for Bunny Pfirsich so that I could keep her new design fairly consistent in the comics. As you can see, I went through a couple different designs for Bunny because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with her. Atleast I got rid of that god-awful Paris Hilton skirt she had going there. (Which will return with the re-introduction of one of the characters in a strip soon.) Done in pencil and arranged in photoshop le.
This was just a wallpaper I put together on a whim for one of my old blogs. (I have alot of images from old blog layouts you'll notice.) Anyway, took two pictures of myself and photo-edited them and put them over an edit of some old stock photos I took of fake blood awhile back. Digicam and Photoshop le.
This was the gift that I made for Eric for our first anniversary. It's actually a very large piece, 18"x24", done with brown ink wash. Several references were used in order to create a feeling of a passage of time and the different sides he has.

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