The Artwork.

2004 The prize picture for the person who got 1000 hits from this site, right here. I followed her request as closely as possible, though I'm not sure whether she's happy with it or not. She never contacted me after it was finished. Done in Photoshop LE.
Picture used for a layout on one of my old ljs. Done in Photoshop LE.
Used this is a deviant id for quite a awhile after I first cut my hair and bleached it. Done in Photoshop LE.
I bought some new colored pastels and as such, I had to play with them. Thus a very stylized female glamour figure. Colored pastels on heavweight paper.
This was one of the illustrations that I used in that same manual I mentioned before. This was supposed to illustrate fleshing out a particular character by drawing them in different angles and expressions. HB lead on heavyweight paper.
This image of mousey was originally intended for my final project in my technical writing class which was a manual on how to create comics using a combination of traditional and digital tools (hence the little floppy disk in her hand there.) As you probably noticed, it's also the main image for the site now. Done in Photoshop LE.
This was born from alot of stress, alot of issues, and letting go of anger and a painful past. Let me tell you, the worst part was keeping that fake blood in my mouth shot after shot. My tongue went numb after awhile. (There are warnings saying not to use it internally for a reason. Don't worry, I didn't swallow any and I didn't get sick.) Two photos layered and other photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
This was the first real illustration that I ever did using the "jellybag" style/characters. Done as a birthday gift to my friend, Marissa. Done in Photoshop LE.
This was one of my memorials to the passing of our family pet, Calico. She lived for 14 years in this family and that is more than enough time to bond with her as I did. She was my truest and best friend, and I will miss her. Original photos copyright to Willim C. Day, photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
This is just me playing with a very stylized version of Mousey. Literally translated that means "The Mouse" in German. Done in Photoshop LE.
Hah, this was a fun one. It's the Star Wars character that I created to accompany Eric's Dark Jedi character. She's his slave woman who used to be a body guard for an old wealthy bussinessman (now dead). I was a bit lazy, hence the obvious lines where it's ink or cg but eh, I like how it turned out regardless. Once I get the pictures of me in this costume I'll post them up to the Photo Album. Done in Photoshop LE.
Another one of those photos that I used for a layout of some sort. I do rather enjoy the little skulls all around though. Done in Photoshop LE.
The other photo used with the same layouts as the previous picture. Done in Photoshop LE.
Photo that was used both for lj layout and as an old layout for this website. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Nice little picture that I titled "Heart Calling" for obvious reasons. Just a good lovey pic really. Photo reference used. Done with colored inks and edited in Photoshop LE.
This was just a break from all the serious themed pieces that I'd been doing (plus, if I remember correctly, that was a stressful time as well) so here it is: some girl dancing to music. I think the colors helped to keep the mood bright. Done in crayon on heavyweight paper.
Random self-portrait sketch that I did one day. It's funny, after all these years and all the changes I've gone through I still see myself as fat and mannish. That's why whenever I try on things I'm always surprised by the mirror. What I see in my head and what I see in there are entirely different. Odd how that works. Black ink on heavyweight paper.
This was originally a layout image for one of my old ljs, wherein it had all of the rules etc. for that journal and all the website jargon that was neccessary at the time. (At that time I was using my journal for my website until I could find decent hosting space.) Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
This is by far one of my favorite pieces to date. I went with a surreal approach to mine and Eric's relationship, namely the idea that your souls bond over time. I used blue for Eric and Red for myself as they seemed to be the most appropriate colors both in the mode of representation and aura colors. The title of this piece is "Fusion of Souls". Photoreference used. Done in colored inks on heavyweight paper.
This was briefly the main image for the old website on geocities and then used for layout during the interim on lj. I plan on playing with this concept of cartoon/real world again so keep an eye out for that. Photoediting and coloring done in Photoshop LE.
Normally I don't bother posting old 'friend's only' banners but I was just really happy with how this one turned out in particular. For the same layout thing as the previous picture. Done in Photoshop LE.
Yet another photo used for a layout on one of my old ljs. This time I went for more of a 'scene-kid' feel with the composition and the intense color style. (While I hate scenesters with a passion, I have no problem yoinking what I think are nifty art styles. It is the way of artists, you know.) Done in Photoshop LE.
This was a nice little excerise in color editing and format through repetition that I did using some photos that I took while at the Maas-Neotek show at the Skating Rink. It's very poppy and oddly enough, that's what I like about it. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
This would be the second half of the piece, "Contemplation of Life...and Its Inherent Death" (the former piece being the first half of that title). In this section we deal with the repercussions of miscarriage, both phyiscal and mental. I opted for colored inks on this piece to bring up the intensity of the emotion. Colored inks on heavyweight paper.
This was originally just going to be an excercise in crayon but ended up being a testimony to one of my worst fears: infertility. This is the first part of what ended up being a two-part piece, showing the connection between a mother and her child in the womb. I used brighter colors in this piece because I wanted the mood to be light and warm, creating the idea of a quiet happiness at the prospect of new life. See kids? I think about these things even when I just playing with crayons. Crayon on heavyweight paper.
This image is probably self-explanatory but if not, here you go. This piece is dealing with the harmful affects of certain words and terms that we hear or are insulted with while growing up. Everyone knows by now that the old addage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." is a complete lie. Words do hurt and often have affect on our own behaviors to a great extent. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
I intended to do an accompanyment piece to this but unfortunately that never happened. Obviously, a reference to the fact that Eric and I are the 'whole' and that seperate we are merely two parts waiting to be joined again. The photo is a bit washed out and grainy, but something about it gives it a raw honesty that I rarely capture in photos. I enjoy that. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Haha, inspired by true events (No, I wasn't walking around in just an apron.) when Eric mentioned how me acting 'domestic-y' had a certain reaction on him. Drawing style is mainly imitating Junko Mizuno because I felt that her approach to cartoonish sexuality was very appropriate for this piece. Just plain ink and edited in Photoshop LE.
Father's Day gift that I made for this year. Went and rummaged through a ton of old photos, newspapers and little trinkets to set up this collage. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Another photo intended as a layout design for one of my old ljs, but this one has a special place with me. It actually took me a really long time to get this photo to set up properly during shooting and afterwards it took several layers to get the affect that you see as a result. Part of it was luck, part of it just plain patience. I'm just really happy with the end result. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Done in the same series as the previous pic this time the reference is to self-mutilation rather than suicide. (Hence the bandages.) Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Another photo dealing with death of sorts, though the infered cause it's very different from the other piece. (There is no real cause represented in the 'dead' piece whereas this one refers to suicide.) Originally there was text at the top but after receiving some good critiques (and some crap ones) I decided to remove it. I think it looks much better now having done so. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
A little break from all the serious pieces that I had been doing at that point. A random image of Eric's adorable tummy combined with some cheesy western song and some photoediting and here you have it, a nice cheesy little photo that gets a giggle. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
Photo dealing with the silence and stillness of death. I have to say that my favorite part of this piece is the glasses in the foregroud. This is one of the pieces where I went back and took out the text that was originally on it. Unfortunately, I didn't do as smooth a job of removing it off this one but hopefully it doesn't detract from the image in any way. The text was just too distracting in the original. Edited in Photoshop LE.
This is the photo reference that I used for the "defiant" piece. For some reason I enjoy how my toes are curled up there. Digicam.
Well, as you can probably deduce from the image itself, this piece deals with rape and the psychological and physical trauma as a result. The phrases carved into the skin are the typical words of encouragment that a person will tell themself once they are ready to move on with their life, but as you can see, the scars still remain. If you look closely, you can see the fingerprints that I put on the skin to give a feeling of being "touched". Eventually, all individuals who go through this are okay again, in some way or another, it's just that everyone handles it differently. I do art therapy. Colored inks on heavyweight paper.
The title for this one is "The Morning After...and Everyday." For those who can't infer it from the title, this piece makes reference to the fact that I have finally found my life partner (and makes a slight sexual reference as well, though that part isn't nearly as important). This was actually made using two different photos in which I just cropped them together in an interesting way, so yes, it's supposed to look choppy. I enjoy that about it. It adds more emphasis to the head (representing mind) as being more in focus than the rest of the body. Photoedited in Photoshop LE.
The long shot of the bloody bathroom with the mirror. I opted for a 'lighter' look with this one and it turned out well. Photoedited in Photoshop LE.
This and the next one were taken the same day as the pictures used for the 'artisintheblood' pic that I have here. I just really like how I got all that fake blood to do what I wanted it to (which let me tell you, is rather difficult). I color edited this one in photoshop LE to give it a grungier look. Haha, and yes that is the bottle cap in the shot there. I forgot to move it. Oops.
Hah, this was the original image that I used for this community that I started on livejournal (which although still exists is pretty much dead by now. I no longer moderate it.) Anyway, layered two photos together and did all the editing in Photoshop LE.
You know, I had a whole metaphysical/spiritual idea behind this piece and for the life of me I can't remember any of it now. A couple of different photos edited and layered over each other in photoshop LE.
Originally the idea for this piece was that I was simply going to trace over a photograph of myself and do as detailed of coloring as I could imitating the vector style. However, I rather like it this way, in the black and white instead. The idea of lonliness in darkness. Done in Photoshop LE.
Mother's Day gift for this year. Rummaged through some photo albums and found a picture that Dad had taken of Mom and Calico together, thus this idea was spawned. Floral accents and color editing done in Photoshop LE.
One of the few still life photos that I've ever done (I really must dabble in that some more.) intended as a layout design for one of my old ljs. For some reason whenever I look at this I think of debutantes-only the actual elegant, sophisticated kind, not the poor excuses for painted whores. Anyway, photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
To be honest, this piece just sort of happened on a whim. I was playing around with editing and got the idea of a person lacking. Like not just lacking in personality but in everything that makes a person whole. Thus 'nothing' was created. Photoediting done in Photoshop LE.
One of the more feminist pieces that I did during this year, concentrating on the subject of the "lady" and the stereotypes associated with it. Rather than attempting to redefine the idea of the "lady", I've simply chosen to debunk the monocker entirely in favor of my preferred term (not made entirely clear in this piece): woman. The idea for the photo was based off of the old Cameo necklaces that women used to wear back when "lady" was not just a compliment, it was a right of passage. Photo editing and some playing with design in the background there in photoshop LE.
One of the winning hit pics for my old website (back when it was on geocities). Oddly enough, my friend Sam won this one too. *shrug* Done with colored markers and some editing in Photoshop LE.
Hmm, how to describe this one. Well, I was very angry because it seems to me that the people growing up now just don't like to face responsibility and deal with real life. They only want to have fun and live in their own little dream worlds. As such, I decided to wax poetic and use a little philosophy combined with some photo editing to prove a point. After all this time, I can say I still like it, if for nothing else the color scheme. Edited in Photoshop LE.
I did this piece for several reasons, all of which dealing with the detrimental affects of pornography on people on the individual basis. Fact is, I have no real problems with most porn. I understand the need for physical release and the visual stimulation it requires. That I understand. However, pornography does have it's darker attributes and this is what this piece is dealing with. Fact is, porn creates and enforces alot of harmful stereotypes for both men and women: the idea that women are always ready for sex, the idea that men have to be 'well-endowed' in order to please their partner, the idea that women are always submissive and will do anything during sex, the idea that men must be able to go for hours on end to please a woman. The list keeps going but those are the most blaring examples. The reason the figure is female is not because of some idea that porn only hurts women (because it can hurt anyone), she's female simply because I'm female and this is my perspective. Colored inks on heavyweight paper.
One of my more interesting characters that I've ever created. I never did draw the accompanyment piece to this, perhaps I'll do that this year. She is a hermaphroditic demon character (obviously) and regardless I still call it a "she" because the personality and face is more feminine than anything else. Done with colored inks and edited in Photoshop LE.
The first valentine that I did for Eric. We used to spend alot of time on campus in a sort of hangout area called the Downunder where they had couches and tvs, arcade games, pool etc. In between classes during this semester we would always head down there and hijack one of the couches/loveseats and I'd relax while Eric napped in my lap. (If we ever got a couch we just spooned until we had to head off.) Done with colored inks on heavyweight paper.

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