The Artwork.

2003 This fanart was supposed to be set around the time of the flashback in the 5th Harry Potter book, when Snape was about 15 or so. Oddly enough, this picture didn't take me very long at all, regardless of the detail. I'm still rather pleased with the result. Done in Photoshop LE. Severus Snape copyright J.K. Rowling.
The christmas image I put up on my site for this year. This was the last snape themed holiday picture (there were more before this one). Done in Photoshop LE. Severus Snape copyright J.K. Rowling.
Character from a short story of mine and he enjoys flowers. Oddly enough I got the inspiration for this picture from a beer ad. Done in Photoshop LE.
A design for a t-shirt as requested by a friend. Here mousey is doing her old dance, the mousey shuffle. Done in Photoshop LE.
Did this as a gift for the actor who plays Harry Potter for his 14th birthday. I was really excited when I did this because it was included in a scrapbook that was actually sent to him. Done in oekaki, I believe.
The only oekaki left that I still like after these years. Random goatwoman. No reason. Oekaki.
One of the old images back from the site on geocities. I just still find it cute. Done in Photoshop LE.
A long time ago, I was in a very, very bad relationship. I was controlled, manipulated, coerced (which as you know is a form of rape), and had my personality completely destroyed. In the course of this relationship, I was duped into a false engagement built on lies and the insecurity of a sad little man. This was intended as the piece to help me let go of all of that and to move on with my life. Unfortunately, it didn't do that because of the mistakes that I made after creating this piece. However, after years of anger, pain, betrayal and moping, I've finally gotten to the point where I'm okay. I still have emotional scars, and always will, but it no longer dictates my personal behavior. It does not affect me anymore. Colored inks and some editing in Photoshop LE.
Mona once again, this time showing off why she doesn't have any bra lines underneath her tanktop. I had fun with the guoache this time. Colored inks and white guoache on heavyweight paper.
Another snape picture this time done for a Harry Potter contest. The theme was "time turner" and as such was the perfect excuse to put snape in tiny egyptian clothing with lots of eyeliner. Done in Photoshop LE.
The first ever hit pic for any of my websites (this was for the old one on geocities). Won by Sam, he asked for mousey to be 'warhammer' style. As I suck at drawing mech stuff or anything with very hard edges, this is the result. Done in Photshop LE.
Old character from an old storyline that has since been abandoned. (long story). Anyway, here is Leila showing herself to be the dirty whore she is. No really she's a whore by profession and look at her, she's dirty. Done in Photoshop LE.
Fanart that I did for a contest back in the day. Bill and Charlie Weasley in the Burrow. Done in Photoshop LE. Bill and Charlie Weasley copyright J.K. Rowling.
I was a huge snape fangirl this year and as such, did many, many pictures of him. This time set in the snow. Colored Inks on heavyweight paper. Severus Snape copyright J.K. Rowling.
Fun little image of my old vamp character, Mona. I played alot with facial expressions this year. Colored Inks on heavyweight paper.

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